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Magic4Hope is a non-profit organization to help disadvantageous children, especially children recovering from natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, or hurricanes. They are not only physically harmed, but also mentally strained. The mission of Magic4Hope is to help them restore hope and gain mental relaxation. The main target to serve is the orphans who lost their parents through the disaster; however, the focus is not limited to only the orphans. There is no reason to distinguish orphans from an earthquake with orphans not from an earthquake. Furthermore, there are children who are not orphans but live in the same or worse living conditions than orphans; those disadvantageous children are also our target to serve.

Mission Statement

Using magic, we create hope anywhere in this world.

We are non-profit

You can help us by donating. Or if you don not want to donate but still want to help, you can click on the ads of our sponsor. All revenues generated will go toward further events of magic4hope.

For the most recent updates, please check our blog
For other questions, please contact us via magic4hope@magic4hope.org


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