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April- Mid May 2012: Recruit volunteers

July 18 2012- Aug 25 2012: Fly to the destination Sichuan, perform to and entertain orphans/victim, bringing them weeks of magic experience.

July 18 John Li departure from Merced

July 22 John Li land in Sichuan

July 24-Aug 2 Guangyuan orphanage

Aug 4 Deyang orphanage

Aug 6 Visiting Reconstructed Quake-hit/world cultural heritage Dujiangyan

Aug 14 project presentation with Rotary Club Chengdu

Aug 19 Maoxian orphanage. (cancelled due to landslide and road collapse)

Aug 20 -Aug 23 Ebian county. For children in the mountain. Collaboration with YMCA Chengdu.

Aug 25 John Li fly back to USA

Aug 26 John Li arrives Amtrak station in Merced @ 7:48AM (anybody who has a car wants to get me?

The rest of 2012: Further editing and uploading the documentary,

producing the documentary DVD,making advertisement, planning further events.

advertising magic4hope.org and building awareness and support.



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