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July 24 (day1) Journey pictures _On the way to Guangyuan

July 24 (day1) Journey pictures _arrived the orphanage

July 24 (day1) Journey pictures _in the mountain

July 25 Journey Pictures

July 26 Journey Pictures Morning

July 26 Journey Pictures Afternoon

July 27 Journey Pictures Weeding

July 28 Journey Pictures Airport

July 28 Journey Pictures Ancient town 1

July 28 Journey Pictures Ancient town 2

July 29 Journey Pictures

July 30 (kids practice cards)

July 31 Journey Pictures_before leaving

Aug 1 Journey Picture_ last day

Aug 2 Leaving Guangyuan to Deyang


July 26 Performance

Last day perform to old people


Visiting Deyang orphanage



Visiting Reconstructed Quake-hit/world cultural heritage Dujiangyan


Aug 20 Journey Pictures_Arrive Ebian County

Ebian Picture_Aug21_going up the mountain

Ebian Picture_Aug21_going down the mountain

Ebian Picture_Aug22_visiting elders

Ebian Picture_Aug22_going up the mountain

Ebian Picture_Aug22_magic starts

Ebian Picture_Aug22_going down the mountain


heart magic

penetration magic

silk magic

scary magic




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