Big activity day

jul 26 20:33


We just experienced a black-out. I haven’t seen a black-out for a long time since I was in USA.


jul 26 22:36


There is a girl loved me too much. She cried for not able to see me.Then she fell sleep on the couch. I carried her all the way back to her room–she’s actually much more heavier than I expected–and tried to put her into sleep. Then she started to cry in her dream. I had to be, for the first time, an early daddy accompany her the whole time until she sleeps.


Actually, it eventually turned out she was pretending sleeping; now she’s running and jumping. I hope she forgave me for the period of time I was unable to see her.

Street magic

Tonight was very productive; I hand out 40+ brochures.

For a digital copy of the brochure, please click here

That might not sound like a big number, but consider I did that in this short time tonight. And EVERYBODY was seriously reading it. This 100% response rate is very amazing. We all had the experience that somebody hand you a flyer, you glance at it and you throw it away. I think it is very remarkable everybody read the brochure so seriously. It is also due to my interaction with my audience that made the story a part of the magic, so my audience also feel they are part of the story (the power of close-up magic to interact with people personally!!)

I was quite surprised to see people once a while that already knew me and following my website — it’s good to know I didn’t build a website that no one reads.

There were quite a few surprise from tonight:

I prepared 3 decks of cards and turned out I only needed to use one–it’s always good to come prepared that under-prepared.

One of my audience even ask for my autograph, and of course I signed his brochure with my artistic-scientific signature I’m always proud of.

The first two people I performed to just gave donation right away, that was unexpected and appreciated!

Today I really performed to all kinds of people: Old, young, man, woman, boys, girls, homeless people and even those “scary people”; and it is glad to know magic can even go into those “scary people”‘s heart.

I took the bus home, that was a two-hour-long ride. And even the bus drivers knows I’m John Li, and he even know I often ride the bus with my apartment-mate Brian! On my way back, I was too tired I just slept on the bus. Thanks for the bus driver wake me up at my stop. I was tortured by the presentation two days ago and staying up very late to finish my abstract for my research conference.



David Burke for typing up the brochure for helping us printing 250 brochure, and those brochures even come already folded!!


brochures sponsored by

My UC Merced McNair program director Jesus for driving me to main street.

I want to thank all of you above. Without you, tonight would not be possible.


Also I’d like to acknowledge Starbucks for sponsor a cup of water so my throat didn’t burn after talking to 40+ people.

And of course the two donators for donating $5 and $1.