I just recalled a funny moment on the day I performed in the boys and girls club

The kids were asked to describe what they saw and how they feel,
everybody just says “amazing” “amazing” “amazing” “amazing”, one after another.
I said, well, you don’t have to use only one word, you can say a sentence.
“It is amazing” — this was what i got from them.

well, I guess it is just amazing, I don’t need another word~ 😀


Merced Boys and Girls club photo

Today is my 21 birthday. Instead of having a birthday party by myself, I went to perform in the local boys and girls club. I have to say this is an unforgettable experience. The true laughters and their surprising faces are my best birthday present– actually I almost forgot today is my birthday.

There are several remarkable fun points today. The kids said I don’t look like a magician. I need beard, magician hat, tie, suit, nice shoes (you mean mine isn’t nice? Huh?) Indeed, close-up magic isn’t the traditional magic you’ll see a magician saws a woman in halves. Close-up magic has many young and modern factors, a lot of interaction between me and the children, unlike the traditional magic having only the magician perform and the audience watch. In fact, I ordered them to come up interact with me one by one; every child got the chance to interact with magic and witness the miracle happen right before their eyes.

During the performance, the kids got a lot of questions, asking me to do this, asking me to do that, and everybody EVERYBODY want me to make them disappear… Which is quite different than performing to adults.

At the end of the show it is sweet to see all the children want me to make them disappear ( yea…I need to work on that…) and not wanting leaving me. David asked an deep question, “If this show will go on one more hour but you will miss the lunch, will you stay?” With no exception, all their answers were yes. What else can be a better conclusion of the performance other than this.

It’s not surprising to see those “smart” kids trying all kinds of explanations to solve my magic, of course they didn’t get that right, but it’s nice to see the human nature of curiosity. I recently see an awesome slogan: replace the fear of unknown with curiosity. As a scientist myself, I especially appreciate that.

It’s also nice to see those familiar faces who were getting training with me two weeks ago here in this boys girls club to handle the children–who are now already taking the responsibility to lead the children either as jobs or as volunteering. And thanks to them that regulates the children today for my performance.