Big activity day

jul 26 20:33


We just experienced a black-out. I haven’t seen a black-out for a long time since I was in USA.


jul 26 22:36


There is a girl loved me too much. She cried for not able to see me.Then she fell sleep on the couch. I carried her all the way back to her room–she’s actually much more heavier than I expected–and tried to put her into sleep. Then she started to cry in her dream. I had to be, for the first time, an early daddy accompany her the whole time until she sleeps.


Actually, it eventually turned out she was pretending sleeping; now she’s running and jumping. I hope she forgave me for the period of time I was unable to see her.

I survived (literally survived and I’m still alive) the worst shower

Uhh!!!! Yesterday when I took shower the door lock got stuck!!! I was trapped in the bathroom! I was almost gonna stay there in the water steam for the whole night!!! and it was cold water shower!!!  And when I raise my hand I accidentally touched the light bulb and got burned(now recovered already). Notice I still have water on my hand and water has the highest heat capacity! how many watts does the light bulb has!!! the worst shower!!! Fortunately I climbed out from the window!!! it was the third floor!!! Can’t imagine if I got a accidental trip while climbing!! Fortunately another volunteer was outside to help me!! It would’ve been a tragic if she wasn’t there!!! Because I won’t have my phone while taking shower!!! Then I’ll be completely isolated from outside world! I’m still alive! I didn’t drop to ground state while climbing!

some fragments of yesterday

I taught the girls a lot of rubber band magic tricks, and I decide to teach the boys some card tricks. I’ll not teach them any real techniques to prevent them going into gambling.

I magically produce a magic cane and rotate it in the front like those old airplanes. I walk in the front and rotates the cane to clear the spider webs and mosquitos—feels like a superhero.

After I first arrive and did my first performance, those children loved me so much and rushed into my room. They saw my iPad on my bed and started to play fruit ninja—those smart kids… However, I need to talk to the supervisor regarding further planning and must leave. Although I usually don’t let other people use my iPad without mu supervision, I don’t want to break their heart and take it away from them. So I just left and let them play—knowing the fact that they all love to kill fruits and might fight to play.
Delightfully, after I came back after many hours, my iPad peacefully lies on my bed in the state when I left. They didn’t drop it, and nobody stole it—in contrast, not to mention my bike was even locked and got stolen…

Unlike USA, where rich people live in the mountain, here it is the poors—although I still envy they have such an environment like this.

I can now see rubber bands everywhere now! This orphanage is now full of rubber bands!

photo previews

I’m currently very busy in the orphanage taking care of these awesome children.
I just uploaded some photos for a quick preview.
I don’t have time to write the caption and the story yet.

You can see the photos at

When I get the time, I’ll write a detailed blog explaining those photos.