To donors: How I used your money

Here’s how I used your money. On my last visit, which I just came back from, I visited kids who lives in the mountain.
What does that mean kids in the mountain?
It’s unlike America where rich people lives in the mountain or on the beach. In china, saying you lives in the mountain means you are living in an uncivilized place.
Those children are in a worse condition than the orphans I visited before. They are not orphans but more than orphans.
Normally orphans are sponsored by the government to go to regular school. But this minority group goes to a informal school with only two teachers each of middle school degree, with low payment and low passion.
So the education they receive is equivalently zero.
In this short trip, it’s just impossible to teach them all math, physics, literature. So I chose to bring them something from outside they’ll never see.
I used the donation to buy easy-to-learn magic gimmicks and passed them all out to every children.

Concluding child teaching experience

.Some kids are active and some are static. Sometimes it is just impossible for the active kids to do the static things, and vice versa. So it is best to always prepared two kinds of activities and let the children choose on their own, like today. On the other hand, this technique is often used in selling. Would you like to buy the $4 pencill or the $5 pencil, you might want to buy the cheaper one.whichever you choose, the thing that matters is that you bought. 


妈妈在给她喂饭 她不吃
妈妈就说吃不吃 不吃我给哥哥吃了
 公交车上妈妈给baby喂奶 baby不吃 然后妈妈说:“吃不吃 不吃我给旁边的叔叔吃了”
  baby一直这样倒吃不吃的  旁边的蜀黍坐不住了:“小少爷你吃不吃给个准信啊 大叔我都坐过两站了。“

笑话结束 继续回到现实
小loli还是没吃  然后妈妈真的给哥哥吃了。。。
妈妈转过身 递给了后排的哥哥

To be continued

Tomorrow will be the first day of instruction starts, and my plane will be the day after tomorrow. So I’ll be missing the first two days of school. Today is the Chinese Valentines day and ironically I’ll be spending today almost all on the bus out of this village back to Chengdu.

Ebian Picture_Aug22_going down the mountain


On the way back, we have some kids following us all the way to the cliff. At this point, they showed us 3 ways to go. The path going up has a lot of poisoned bugs. The path going down is relatively flat but the we must pass a hell section that is very narrow and the other side is the cliff, in other words, one step wrong means I’m over. After evaluating all 3 choices, we chose the path going down, which also means that we are putting our lives on the line hoping we don’t fall off the cliff.

Now we passed this hell section. We can wave back to the children who followed us all the way to the cliff and say bye-bye. I really wanted to say see you tomorrow but I can’t.
I’ll be leaving tomorrow because my plane is on the 25th as well as the school started ( I’m late for school ), but other volunteers will stay here for 7days. This time it is an enjoyable cooperation with chengdu YMCA volunteers; we look forward to future cooperations.

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