Ebian Picture_Aug21_going up the mountain


In this journey, we, magic4hope, cooperated with YMCA chengdu together made this event successful. I also meet other volunteers from YMCA and it was an enjoyable collaboration.
Informed by YMCA, I learned that not only there are orphans living in the bad condition, there are non-orphans who also live in bad condition and even worse.
In this trip, we will visit a minority group in China call Yi People (彝族)
They live in the mountain and the children are unable to get formal education. They only have two teachers of middle school degree who serves as what we so-call “sub-teacher”.
The place is very isolated; it took us a day to get here.

People here are without AC but they have their advantage of living.In the city it’s hard to live without AC in the summer. But here I was actually cold at night, and no sweat in daytime–except climbing the mountain.

So my day of magic now starts. In the so-called hotel, which has no room service, no room cleaning, no shower, one light, one power outlet, the bed is only a board, we live in rooms that does not have locks. Restroom are shared, having no toilet, having bugs, and smelling badly. But I was told that this condition is better than that of the villagers.

This is the shared sink we use for washing face, brushing teeth, etc. I think Africa is pretty much like this.

This is my first breakfast here.

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