Revisit boys and girls club July 13 2012

Revisit boys and girls club

As I didn’t pre-request for explicit permission to photo the children this time, I just shot a picture of the setting

As I mentioned earlier, I revisited the Boys And Girls Club Merced to perform to the children there again. I postponed writing this blog until now it because I was really too tired–after getting only total 15 hour sleep in the past three days of finishing a presentation on Wednesday, finishing and submitting my research conference abstract and going on street promoting Magic4Hope on Thursday, and of course visiting Boys&girls club yesterday.

Last night I finally got a good sleep and woke up today @2pm; I hope I still remember what happened yesterday–I’ll try my best to include all details.

Yesterday, I woke up at 6:30am to prepare. The performance started 9:30am and ended 12:20pm. I performed to all children there in the B&G club–I made it!
It was very delightful to see all kids still remember me and my name. They even tell who I am to other kids who wasn’t there last time.
Long distance away when they first saw me, they already started to be excited and wave to me and shouting out my name. As I wave back, they became more excited.

In the performance, I combined the story of 2008 Sichuan earthquake and the method that they can help into the magic show to make it both entertaining and educational. The story goes on with the magic goes on simultaneously.
After the performance, they not only were amazed by the magic, but also well-informance of the earthquake. I then passed out the brochures (thanks to for sponsoring printing them) to the children that they can take home and show to other people; I truly believe they will go home and do it because I built an inter-personal relationship with them, and due to the audience-interactive nature of close-up magic, they are now part of the magic, part of the story, part of the earthquake (I’ll make a fabulous salesman if I ended up going to this industry–which I won’t).

Except the first-grade children asking all kinds of random questions and discussions, all other children behaved nicely and listened to me carefully. Those young kids were still of determined to let me make them disappear. They were so so so so determined on that, I really need to figure out a way to make them disappear before next time I revisited.
There was an African American girl who especially wanted to help them and write to them, so I told her that she can visit and click on eCards of Blessing to write a message to them and I will bring this message to the orphans I visit.
In general, the older they are the easier I can deal with them. Especially those 7-th grade children were well-informed by my magic show.

After the performance ends, which is already their lunch time, I hung out with them a little bit and did some small magic tricks. They loved me so much that they can resist their natural desire of food and turn back to watch me and not letting me leave–like the question I asked first time I visit there: if the magic show will go on one more hour but you’ll miss your lunch, do you want to stay? All kids with no exception and no hesitation answered they will stay.
And another thing I learned is that, I should never use money to do magic to those crazy kids. They will literally rip my suit apart to look for and take the $1 I just made disappear.

After the performance, I went directly to Hometown buffet due to hunger (I still haven’t eaten anything yet!) and lazy to go home and then walk to Hometown buffet. (Hometown buffet, where most of my scientific research was made).
I directly went here with my suit on and all other stuff, I overheard the table next to me had a kid having birthday. Since I already have my suit on and props ready, I did a small trick to help celebrating his birthday–and surprisingly generated $5 donation for

It is a delightful experience to work with those children. Their laughter is what I’ll never forget; their joy is what will continue to motivate me. After yesterday, I can now proudly say, I am also one of those people who can create excitement by showing up, generate noise by raising my hand, making people cuddle around me by curling my finger — without using scandal for propaganda, without being sexy for attraction, without singing baby baby baby to make girls crazy.

I am John Li, now a rockstar scientist
–like Ironman

John Li

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