Some impressive statistics within 24 hours I got the 250 brochures sponsored by

Within 2 hours, I passed out 40+, 100% well-read.

Within 18 hours, I passed out another 60+ to the children, I have the confidence that at least 90% of them will be well-read by their parents.

Boys & girls club Merced will help pass out 70+

With in 24 hours since I received the brochures. I passed out totally about 200 brochure now still have about 50 left.

There was a full box, within 24 hours now only 50 left

Of the 200 I passed, 50% of them received a 10min long interactive magic presentation.
Of the 50%, 60% of them received a 30min long interactive magic presentation.

It is just amazing what I just accomplished within 24 hours since I get the brochures, just by myself alone.

Also within that 24 hours, I received direct donation $5+$1+$20+$5 = $31=¥31*6.3=¥195 that I can use to buy gifts to the orphans, indirect donation unknown yet until I get the number from United way.

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