Good Bye Fellow McNair Scholars and Staffs

Good Bye Fellow McNair Scholars and Staffs


I’ll be officially starting my adventure tomorrow 6am, as the Goodwill ambassador of the city of Merced. I’m now already here in the LAX and waiting for 6am to come. I’m sorry I was too busy to visit all of you and say Bye, so I’ll use this to make that up.

I’ll start with a train to Bakersfield, then a bus to LA (I’m here), then follows an airplane to Seattle, then follows another airplane to Beijing, then follows the last plane to my final stop Sichuan on Jul 22–the longest trip ever…


It’s a good memory to be in our group of McNairs and be surrounded by other awesome scholars in different fields. This belongingness is what cannot be acquired by working on the theoretical side of the world alone.



For example, having my first alcoholic drink on Jun 27–I’m a real boy!!–with all of you, and then drive (of course, in the game, and I always won the first place).


For example, be the badass Dr.Li in the bootcamp– badass means good, right?– and attack that Ravoo (forgot his name) for being a bad mentor on the stage and chose the best choice Xing Xi. (T, you still have that video right?)


Regarding the moment I pointed out GRE sucks, I think it is just who I am. If I see the king naked, I’ll be the dumb boy to point that out; I’m a scientist. In the story it took only one boy to collapse the king; in reality it will take more to collapse the GRE.


For example, the “mysterious” bunny ear in your photo.

For example, eating Ethiopian food with chopsticks.

For example, eating in chocolate factory and realize our reimbursement is not $25 total but $25 every night.

For example, working on my research on my computer and let Jorge tell me it’s very intuitive–JK.


For example, realizing my responsibility of being a McNair scholar during the first day of the bootcamp.

Of course, what I always like is eating all those food in the world for free


And also thank all of you who drove me around to either my apartment, main street, UC Merced, San Jose Bootcamp,  Livemore National lab, etc.


Normally I go to China as vacation, this time I go with a lot of responsibility.

—-Of course, with great power, comes great responsibility


May mass*acceleration be with me! See you after I come back. It’s a unforgettable memory to be with all of you in this summer.



John Li BS BS MS PhD PhD@#$%^&*@#$%^…. CEO GRE-hater


McNair Scholar

Physics + Applied Mathematics

School of Natural Sciences

University of California, Merced

5200 North Lake Road

Merced, CA 95343


Strauss Public Service Scholar

City of Merced Goodwill Ambassador Founder

7 thoughts on “Good Bye Fellow McNair Scholars and Staffs

  1. Dr. Li,
    Have a safe trip! I know that your journey will lead you to impact the lives of many people, and to give back to others just as you have freely received. It was an extreme pleasure to have known you as one of our McNair Scholars. I”m sure that some of my *SSHA power has slightly elevated your “feelings” while at the same time you continue to advance on the theoretical side. 😉 See you this Fall!


  2. John,

    Hope you have a wonderful journey while in China. Take lots of pictures! We will be following your blog and reading your awesome stories. See you soon.


  3. Hey Dr. Li, it is a pleasure knowing you and working with you!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you, your jokes, and your acts!! please blog about your trip and your work in China.
    Good luck and see you soon!!!!!

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