I survived (literally survived and I’m still alive) the worst shower

Uhh!!!! Yesterday when I took shower the door lock got stuck!!! I was trapped in the bathroom! I was almost gonna stay there in the water steam for the whole night!!! and it was cold water shower!!!  And when I raise my hand I accidentally touched the light bulb and got burned(now recovered already). Notice I still have water on my hand and water has the highest heat capacity! how many watts does the light bulb has!!! the worst shower!!! Fortunately I climbed out from the window!!! it was the third floor!!! Can’t imagine if I got a accidental trip while climbing!! Fortunately another volunteer was outside to help me!! It would’ve been a tragic if she wasn’t there!!! Because I won’t have my phone while taking shower!!! Then I’ll be completely isolated from outside world! I’m still alive! I didn’t drop to ground state while climbing!

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