Last day in Guangyuan

Today will be our last day in Guangyuan and tomorrow we will travel to Deyang.

Today morning we had a conclusive discussion-meeting, where all orphans reported their experience and learning, as well as we volunteers having speeches about what we wanna say. The govermental head of the department of living-regulation also joined us.

She (the govermental department head) originally planned to only stay 20 min, but because of influential speech given by the orphans and the attraction of my magic, we made her stay the whole 2 hours and had lunch with us. which is quite an impressive achievement.

Also in this meeting, I recieved the Recognizable Volunteer Honor. I’ll upload the certivicate later.

the department head, she was well-attracted by my magic–of course, everybody is attracted by magic– and request us to stay longer and do something for her. She requested us to do some performance to elders, and that is also part of my intention, so we decide to stay one day longer and leave tomorrow.

She mentioned she can officely help us register magic4hope here in Guangyuan.


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