July 25 Journey Pictures

The morning view of the mountain outside the orphanage.

This orphanage is actually a combination that contains both old people and orphans.
This message says,”Treat old people well today is treating yourself well tomorrow.”

My breakfast in the orphanage.

After playing with them yesterday and teaching them some rubber band magics, I can now see rubber bands everywhere.

Children study together. We were also helping them on their homeworks

Children study English, and I was teaching them pronunciation.

John Li (me) play chinese chess with a kid, and I won!

This kid was a hard one to deal with. His both parents were murdered and he survived, resulting in his strange personality. We eventually managed to become friend with him.

My lunch, same as what other children eat. It doesn’t seem good, and it isn’t.

I usually don’t wash dishes myself. However here in the orphanage I had to do it myself–without bleach.

The man on my right side later became a useful person to me.

This man is a very helpful person and vital for my stay here. He is slightly intellectually disadvantageous and behaves like a big boy. He is a nice person and saved a lot of my pain. I don’t usually wash dishes/bowls myself and especially with cold water it would be a hard work. Once he saw me produced a long stick and thinks I am a magician so he gave me 0.5Yuan bill and wanted me to make it disappear. Of course I didn’t let him down. After the magic, I was kinda in a hurry and requested him to wash bowls for me. After that, this became a daily routine: I do a magic to him every day and he wash my dishes for me. Furthermore, I and Liu had a deal that I wash dishes/bowls for her and she washes my clothes for me. So this way it resulted in the awesome consequence that I do a magic and got clothes+dishes all washed. The orphans here joked that I can do magic to wash dishes and wash clothes. Equivalently, it is totally true. This also reflected one of my important philosophy: I don’t need to know how to do everything; I just need to specialize in one and other people will do everything else for me in exchange for my specialization.

Putting washed bowls away.

In the afternoon, I did some performance to the children and some old people who also lives there.

Some photos can be found here : http://magic4hope.org/photo/journey_picture/guangyuan/bonus/index2.html





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