July 26 Journey Pictures Morning

Today we had activity going outside the orphanage and going into parks to visit. In the afternoon, the orphanage provided the opportunity for the children to pick their favorite books in bookstore. Today is also a milestone-day as the reporting of TV is coming to document this event and we got on TV!


Here we go!

We arrived the park.

Right after we arrive the park, we found a snake on the road. To protect the children, I magically produced a magical stick to fight with the snake. To document this historical event, I took out my phone and took a picture; at this moment, a man with a shovel came and shovel away the snake…I became useless…

View Guangyuan from the mountain, we can see a clear picture of everything.

This is an important and historical statue, which is also why I’m here. Zooming in the picture, you can see it says 5.12 2008 and the clock shows 2:28 pm. That is to memorialize the moment the earthquake happened.

This is kinda ironic. The driver wanted to take a short-cut, but the gate was locked. So the whole team of cars behind him must turn back, on the road of one-car-width.

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