July 24 (day1) Journey pictures _arrived the orphanage

As we first arrive the orphanage, without taking a break, the children were welcoming us friendly. and I also showed them a “greeting” magic show.–I’ll post the video in another post.

The children were amazed by magic, and also served as ice breaker we immediately became good friends. They followed us to our room, as we put things down, they saw my iPad, so I let them play. I had to say Steve Jobs did an awesome job making iPad. The interface were so intuitive that even orphans who never used iPad can immediately pick it up.

We then immediately had a meeting with the orphanage staffs. The orphans are all playing iPad excitingly, I don’t want to break their heart and take it away. So I bare the risk of leaving my iPad unattended with potential risks such as dropping, breaking, stolen, etc.

As I get back, after about an hour, I saw my iPad lay peacefully on my bed–without cracking, dropping, or stolen. Those kids did a great job taking care of my iPad, they didn’t let me down. Unlike my bike, it was well locked and stolen by mature adults.

This is my first dinner in the orphanage. As it looks, it’s really not that good…. probably the worst noodle I ever eaten.

The buildings here are very stylish; I heard they’re build after the earthquake.

Then we went out to buy some snakes.

We saw the two dogs long distance away… We were wondering what they are doing, but as we get closer…we realized….

enjoy your time…pretend we didn’t exist.

oops, sorry we interrupt you.

as we get to the gate, those kids decided to take us into the mountain for a tour

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