July 24 (day1) Journey pictures _in the mountain

This is literally very natural. To protect the children, I used my magic to magically turned a soft thread into  a hard stick. I walk in the front and rotate the stick like those old style propeller airplanes, to clear the spider webs in the way and also drive away mosquitos.

The kids found some cooking materials for dressing….

I helped her knock this “melon” down from a plant full of thorns.

This was the plant I just mentioned.

white crane

They said here lives the master of hell ???!!!!??? in this cave

This is a fish-man; I claimed I can also fish.

Because I turned this thread into a stick, those kids argued that I can’t fish. Because when I have the fishing stick, I don’t have the thread, when I have the thread, I don’t have the stick.


They got a point indeed.


back to orphanage

Big spider!!