July 26 Journey Pictures Afternoon

We finally got into the park

This is one of the most unforgettable moment. Have you eaten walnut? Do you know where walnut grow? It grows on the tree and it’s green!

The children grew up in this natural environment and they recognize there are walnuts on the tree and they wanted to reach them. However, no one is that tall to reach those things, so what do I do??


I again produced my magic stick and hit those walnuts and let them drop, then the children pick them up and crack it to reach the real walnut inside. They told me to not touch the inside white thing of the walnut, that is a very strong dye and can’t be washed.

I hit more than ten walnuts down and my stick also got minor damage; but it’s totally worth this experience and eat the freshest walnut ever.

We hit too much the cleaner complained so we stopped, otherwise I really thing I’ll get all walnuts on that tree.

In the afternoon, we go to buy books, they orphanage is very kind and covered all book costs.

Children try to write chinese characters using traditional brush pens.

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