July 28 Journey Picture Airport

We’ve been here several days and the clothes we brought here are running out, so what do we do? Of course we need to wash our own clothes.
But I never learned how to wash my own clothes, so what do I do? –I wash it using magic!

You might still recall:

I don’t usually wash dishes/bowls myself and especially with cold water it would be a hard work. Once he saw me magically produced a long stick and thinks I am a magician so he gave me 0.5Yuan bill and wanted me to make it 100. Well I said I can make it 100 but I can make it disappear, is that OK? Of course I didn’t let him down. I think, grew up in this envirenment he never really saw a magician, so he is very curious. After the magic, I was kinda in a hurry and requested him to wash bowls for me. After that, this became a daily routine: I do a magic to him every day and he wash my dishes for me. So this became a win-win situation. He got to see a lot of cool magics, and I got my dishes washed. Furthermore, I and Liu had a deal that I wash dishes/bowls for her and she washes my clothes for me. So this way it resulted in the awesome consequence that I do a magic and got clothes+dishes all washed. The orphans here joked that I can do magic to wash dishes and wash clothes. Equivalently, it is totally true. This also reflected one of my important philosophy: I don’t need to know how to do everything; I just need to specialize in one and other people will do everything else for me in exchange for my specialization.

Qian Ye helping people on homework.

Today we are going to visit the local airplane and an local ancient town.

Guangyuan Airport

Now we head to the ancient town

We arrived the ancient town!

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