July 28 Journey Pictures Ancient town 1

This is the traditional outfit of Chinese Emperor. The golden yellow robe can only be worn by the Emperor. However it is funny that the model used for the emperor is a female model as you can see the breast.
However, we joked that it is not a mistake because it is here in Guangyuan. (Guangyuan created the first and only female Emperor in the history of China.)

A cute match shop

One of the girl, I think she is admiring me very much. She saw me took photo of those two girls and got jealous and got very mad. (She really got mad) I think this is an interesting experience to be loved by a 10-year-old girl.

I became the free labor. Everyone gave their water bottle to me.

One of my professor gave me the title of “Traveling Circus”, I think I really do have to potential to work in Circus.

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