July 29 Journey Pictures

The morning is usually the study time.

The rabbits used for magic performance, I have no idea what they are doing.

I mentioned him earlier; he survived from a murdered and became an orphan, resulting in his strange personality. He often does strange things like this and he never smiles. If you pay attention to his face in other photos, you can see his face is always sad and never had a smile–even when taking photos. Once the photographer force him to smile by stimulating his armpit and caught a photo of him laughing–unnaturally. Seeing that, I then pretend to take out a coin out of his ear, and keeping taking out more coins. He then check his ear and found nothing. I then again take out a coin our of his year, and eventually make him surprise and changed his face to happy–naturally.

See the last four photos of http://magic4hope.org/photo/journey_picture/guangyuan/bonus/index6.html

In the afternoon I taught them some card tricks, and I’ll upload the video later. Check the website.

In the evening, Katherine and Qian cannot endure the food here anymore so they sneak out to eat and secretly brought in some to-go food for us. Everybody, including me, is very exciting to eat those food outside the orphanage.

A boy is still practicing the magic I taught him in his bed late at night.

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