Aug 1 Journey Picture_ last day

Today is our last day here, and we are going to move on to Deyang. While packing up, I found this thing. Recall the man who helps me wash bowls, this was the half-dollor bill that I made disappear the first time. It remained a unique memory.

And this bill with a hole is another magic I did to him that I used a pen to stab through my finger as well as this bill, leaving the hole still on the bill.

The meeting with the chief of a bureau of Civil Affairs to report the progress these days.

All children cried in the meeting.

He hold his paper very high trying to cover the fact that he’s crying.

I received a certificated of Distinguished volunteer during the meeting from the orphanage.

The chief inspecting the living condition.

We try to leave as many photo as possible before we leave.

I’ll let no one who had seen this photo survive.

The chief of a bureau of Civil Affairs originally planned to only stay 20 minutes of the meeting. As every single child had a very touching speech and also her curiosity of see my magic, she actually stayed for the whole 2-hour meeting until the end. We then had an end of the event banquet together with the chief of bureau. The chief also requested us to stay one more day, and we agreed. We originally planed to leave on Aug 1 now it’s shifted to Aug 2.
(due to the strong claim by the litigant, I shall not reveal their faces. )

Other orphans are going to school during school time and only came back to the orphanage at this time; however, this child is staying in the orphanage the whole time, thus most of the time she is the only child here alone with a great loneliness. So the man on her right, one of the orphanage employee, served like her father, and the other woman served like her mother. This is sweet.

I’m teaching them more magic before I leave.

Even the man who helps me wash dishes came to play!

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