July 31 Journey Pictures_before leaving

In the afternoon, we are organizing a movie for both the children and the old people. I was too tired these days and fell asleep during the movie.

The people of the Bureau of Civil Affairs came to inspect during the meeting. One of them see my MacBook and thought I’m one of the orphans and says,”wow! even orphans are using Apple nowadays!”

The orphanage does not have a portable laptop so they borrowed my laptop for display purpose to the the chief of a bureau.

The children are still trying to improve their magic skill before I leave.

She made it!

The last day before leaving, we, including me, decide to sneak out to eat the Moshi-gulu fish that Katherine Li had heard so much about.

While checking out, we learned that the manager is an High Rollers, so I showed him some magic techniques that can manipulate cards. His eyes were trying to track my movement, but my hands were too fast, eventually he gave up and became dizzy. Eventually he gave us 15 discount!

Of course I brought some to-go food to the orphans and Liu who insisted staying with the children.

Children are preparing their speech for the report to the chief of a bureau tomorrow.

The last day before leaving, the children and our volunteers are crying together.

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