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In this journey, we, magic4hope, cooperated with YMCA chengdu together made this event successful. I also meet other volunteers from YMCA and it was an enjoyable collaboration.
Informed by YMCA, I learned that not only there are orphans living in the bad condition, there are non-orphans who also live in bad condition and even worse.
In this trip, we will visit a minority group in China call Yi People (彝族)
They live in the mountain and the children are unable to get formal education. They only have two teachers of middle school degree who serves as what we so-call “sub-teacher”.
The place is very isolated; it took us a day to get here.

People here are without AC but they have their advantage of living.In the city it’s hard to live without AC in the summer. But here I was actually cold at night, and no sweat in daytime–except climbing the mountain.

So my day of magic now starts. In the so-called hotel, which has no room service, no room cleaning, no shower, one light, one power outlet, the bed is only a board, we live in rooms that does not have locks. Restroom are shared, having no toilet, having bugs, and smelling badly. But I was told that this condition is better than that of the villagers.

This is the shared sink we use for washing face, brushing teeth, etc. I think Africa is pretty much like this.

This is my first breakfast here.

After the van sending us here, we have to get off and be on our own feet. Why can’t the van just drive us there? You’ll see why.

Here I go. I was so excited to conquer anything that I’ll face. But I really have no idea what a nightmare is gonna be in my way.

Looking back, nice view. Appreciate it while I still can, because I had no idea how high the mountain is.

I was still energetic.

It’s really high looking down

If I remember right, when I took this picture, I had already suffered a lot from the path condition. I took this picture to show how horrible the road it. It might not be too bad if this is a horizontal road. But it’s not! This is mountain road. The slope is more than 1, aka 45 degrees. In this condition, those random rocks dramatically makes the road slippery. The friction is very low.
I have to rely on static friction to keep me not sliding down, in other words, I can’t have any slip.

I already reached my limit. I had no choice but to use my magic to again summon my magic stick so that I can keep climbing with its assistance.
You might remember I had used it to fight snake, hit walnuts. But this time it really saved my life. I don’t have to hit walnuts, I can walk around the snake and not fight with it, but this time I might really run out of energy and fall off the cliff if I don’t use it. I took a lot of breaks in the middle and got up here spending one hour. I was informed that the previous group from Hong Kong took 1 hour 40 minute. I am still proud it took us only one hour.

A stream of water

As I get up there, I’m already 99% dead and was sitting there for a long time to recharge my power.

Hey! Guess what’s this!

This is the most high-tech restroom I’ve ever seen. Blind-people-friendly-auto-navigation system. You can find it using your nose. Waterless technology, not many American restroom has this technology. Auto-recycling mechanism, all dumps automatically slides into the field to feed the crops.

This picture was used in one of my magic. Check the main magic4hope.org website for the video.

Before I get up here, I was informed that the kids here are not very organizable–and it is true from what I see in the second day–because they were never taught to follow the order, they were never taught to not take others’ stuff without permission, they don’t even know what permission is. Keeping that in mind, I came prepared with the worst scenario, and it turned out the first day is not that bad. On top of the mountain, right after I re-gain my strength, I did an introductory performance of the classical ball trick with a dramatic ending–following with several other magic performance. In the first day, this is more than enough to get them think I’m “cool”. Because I was cool enough to get them kinda “worship” me, they didn’t do anything bad to me and well follows my verbal direction.

For other volunteers who does other games, it was not that easy. In the beginning, they don’t want to switch to other activities and wants to watch more magic. Other volunteers eventually pulled them out from the excitement of magic and got them to do other things by playing with paper airplanes.

passing out gifts

Game over. Lunch time. As we have other stuff to do here after lunch, it doesn’t make sense for us to climb down the mountain and then climb up again (I’ll be totally dead). So we paid a local villager to cook for us.

This is our lunch. Emphasize: this is our lunch, not the material of the lunch. I think this is a typical meal for Yi People.

The potatoes are the main food, the tea-like soup or the soup-like tea is our soup.

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