Ebian Picture_Aug21_going down the mountain

After we finish doing everything on the top of the mountain, now we go down the mountain. Now we are crossing the corn field. Until here, it is still the easy part.

Now we are in the steep part where it is more than 45 degrees. You might naively think going down will be easier as you don’t have to fight with gravity. It is true that when going down gravity is helping you, but it helps you too much you need to BRAKE!

I need to again summon my magic stick to help me brake.

Inspired by me, some other volunteers also found a stick.

almost there!


It’s not too dirty as I expected–not too clean either.

we made it!

We deserve a long water break.

Coming far, the hero comes.

Then the hero goes.

Now OUR hero comes

Another hero all wet.

The colorful stone I found.

bad into the van.

dunked? mule? horse?

At night I trained other volunteers to do some tricks for our activity tomorrow.

I knock down a butterfly, or moth, with my magic stick. Now my magic stick got another achievement–level up!

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