Ebian Picture_Aug22_visiting elders

Today we originally planned to revisited the children in the morning and teach them some magic tricks. I the afternoon, after lunch, we give them a chance to perform. However, it’s now raining in the morning. It’s just impossible to re-climb the mountain in the rain. So we have to change the plan to visited the elders in the morning and visit the children in the afternoon. Actually we already visited the elders last night, but that was a brief visit that I only performed the linking ring. Our visit today is much longer. Not only I performed more magic, but also other volunteers are leading them to dance.I found that the elders here are much more passionate and open compare to the elders in Guangyuan.

One of the old man took out this thing to welcome us. She played it before, so she can easily pick it up now.

I’m also very talented. Although this is my first time, I was able to stand up and walk a little bit.

Like a hero!

On the way out, the elders followed us all the way out of the yard onto the street and keeping appreciating us. Due to language problem, even our translator can half understand them, so we are unable to communicate with the elders, but magic, music, dance are universal languages that connects us.

They still wave at us as we walk far.

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