Ebian Picture_Aug22_going up the mountain

Question for you, how many sheep are there in the picture?

We pre-made 48 tickets and passes them to every child. To ensure every child can get the magic of their own favorite, every ticket can exchange magic gimmick so that they can be distributed evenly.

In the afternoon, we are going to climb the mountain again to see the children. We took the same path yesterday. Recall yesterday I used my magic and produced a stick to help me go up. It took me 1 hour and I was almost dead when I get up there. Today I was prepared. To get a stronger grip than a stick, I found a mop in the garbage place. With the help of this mop, I got up there in half a hour without any middle break. Not to mention the previous group from Hong Kong took 1 hour and 40 minutes–I feel so proud. Half way up there, we meet some of the kids yesterday collecting corn canes. They were very welcoming us, and they gave us some corn canes. What is corn cane? It is exactly the same as sugar cane but from corn and it’s thinner. 

I don’t know how to peel the cane so the kid helped me to peel it off using his own teeth. Although not much, but they are a good source of water and sugar for us to keep going up.

Later I found that he accidentally hurt–not seriously–  his teeth when helping me.

As I just get up there, of course it takes me a while to rest and recover my HP. While I sit there kids are interested I my tie and keeping touch it.I also did the easiest trick ever, as I am still recovering my MP, I took out my iPhone and covers it with my hand; then it’s on. Again, it’s off. Then on, then off. Of course I’m secretly controlling the power button. And those young kids are enjoying it, and they also tried to imitate me and cover my iPhone  with their hands. Because they never see this thing, to them this is indeed magic.

My mop was still very recognizable as a mop when I found it, but as I got up here, it became like this. .

As we get up their, kids are not gathered yet. So it take some time to gather those kids first. While some kids are already gathered here waiting for other children to come, I did some tricks to fill that waiting gap.

Seeming like they’ve never seen this, they are very interested in my tie.

Before the magic starts, other volunteers started it with a dance. Because we already know from previous experience that if we start with magic, we’ll not be able to get them dance afterwards.

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