Ebian Picture_Aug22_magic starts

We pre-made 48 tickets and passes them to every child. To ensure every child can get the magic of their own favorite, every ticket can exchange a magic gimmick so that they can be distributed evenly. Then the children goes to their own favorite station to learn magic. Including me, we have total 6 volunteers and 2 other for assistance, so we have 6 stations each of a different magic. Including sponge heart, linking ring, rubber band, mental magic, silk changing color, and card magics that I’m teaching. I trained the other volunteers last night, so they can take on the other 5 stations. I predicted that–and indeed it is the case–most of the children will rush to me causing uneven distributed items, where items of each kind is limited. I symbolically add a pop-quiz to filter out people leaving only people who is truly interested in card magic.

I was joking that, Christian missionaries go everywhere to pass out bibles, I am the magic missionary who goes everywhere to pass out magic.

 I selected those 6 tricks that each is easy to learn. So most people was already able to perform within the same day.

Times up. We gotta leave otherwise it’ll be too dark for us to go down the mountain. Some children are leaving us some photos before we leave. The troop that goes down the mountain with us is quite prodigious (I just learned this word for my GRE!).

Children this young already has to take on the responsibility to take care of younger siblings.

We are keeping going…to the point that we have to make a choice

On the way back, we have some kids following us all the way to the cliff. At this point, they showed us 3 ways to go. The path going up has a lot of poisoned bugs. The path going down is relatively flat but the we must pass a hell section that is very narrow and the other side is the cliff, in other words, one step wrong means I’m over.

Those kids said that it is even hard for them as locals to go this path. Or we have the last choice to go the same way back, where it is more than 45degrees steep and there are a lot of slippery rocks that we already experienced yesterday. After evaluating all 3 choices, we chose the path going down, which also means that we are putting our lives on the line hoping we don’t fall off the cliff.

Yeah for I’m still alive and didn’t fall into the cliff before me.

The big guys uses two rocks and iron claws.

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