Ebian Picture_Aug22_going down the mountain

On the way back, we have some kids following us all the way to the cliff. At this point, they showed us 3 ways to go. The path going up has a lot of poisoned bugs. The path going down is relatively flat but the we must pass a hell section that is very narrow and the other side is the cliff, in other words, one step wrong means I’m over. After evaluating all 3 choices, we chose the path going down, which also means that we are putting our lives on the line hoping we don’t fall off the cliff.

Now we passed this hell section. We can wave back to the children who followed us all the way to the cliff and say bye-bye. I really wanted to say see you tomorrow but I can’t.
I’ll be leaving tomorrow because my plane is on the 25th as well as the school started ( I’m late for school ), but other volunteers will stay here for 7days. This time it is an enjoyable cooperation with chengdu YMCA volunteers; we look forward to future cooperations.

After passing that hell cliff section, we are getting a much better path than yesterday. The rewarding is also very worth the risk we took.We are getting many good views, that I think are comparable to the US national park. Now Think of the dangerousness of the path and then think it’s the path the locals need to take almost everyday. 

Doing magic to the horse.

Landslide everywhere, this is really a dangerous place!

My suit, shirt, hand got all dirty after climbing down the mountain.

We’re almost there!

I’m leaving tomorrow; we are saving some memory.

She’ll never know I took this photo while she washing face.

Oh, the spidermen everywhere! How much will I miss you after I’m gone.

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