To donors: How I used your money

Here’s how I used your money. On my last visit, which I just came back from, I visited kids who lives in the mountain.
What does that mean kids in the mountain?
It’s unlike America where rich people lives in the mountain or on the beach. In china, saying you lives in the mountain means you are living in an uncivilized place.
Those children are in a worse condition than the orphans I visited before. They are not orphans but more than orphans.
Normally orphans are sponsored by the government to go to regular school. But this minority group goes to a informal school with only two teachers each of middle school degree, with low payment and low passion.
So the education they receive is equivalently zero.
In this short trip, it’s just impossible to teach them all math, physics, literature. So I chose to bring them something from outside they’ll never see.
I used the donation to buy easy-to-learn magic gimmicks and passed them all out to every children.

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