city council meeting

Today I went to the local Merced city council meeting to share my project with the city council seeking some help.

I was super nervous and the speech went badassly perfect! Well done John, big milestone ! And an even bigger one tmr !!

The city council looks very supportive, they might issue me a certificate to represent the city of merced in this trip.

My speech attached bellow.
May 12, 2:28pm 2008, almost exactly four years ago, a great tragic earthquake happened in the central southern part of China, Causing 69 thousand  death. If including people that were missing, that will be total 87 thousand. This number is about 8000 more than the total population in Merced. In other words, if this earthquake were happened in Merced, the whole Merced is gone. This earthquake left 630 orphans. In the beginning of this incident, 80 thousand Chinese expressed their willingness to adopt them. Due to strict adopting policy and dimming passion, only 12 were actually adopted; there are still 618 orphans reminding in orphanages. Some adopted orphans were returned back to the orphanage due to physical and psychological injury after the earthquake. These orphans were already abandoned by their dead parents once, the second time injury by being abandoned by their adopting parents is even more harmful.
The project Magic4Hope is designed to bring hope to the orphans in the means of magic. Magic can be fast, amazing, and shocking (!!!) to gather people’s attention. Most importantly, magic makes impossibility possible,It represents the hope to conquer any difficulty. And this , is the message I want to bring to the orphans, that although they were in a disadvantage situation, they can still make miracles happen, they shouldn’t give up their hope- and live in a negative attitude. Magic itself is attractive to bring more people’s attention onto this project, and thereby giving the orphans more attention.  Magic can help the children build self-esteem. The orphans grow up in an incomplete environment, especially the ones who became handicapped in the earthquake. Teaching them magic allows them to be amazing to other people, and helps them to build their confidence in themselves.
A national news just called Merced “mer-dead” an unpleasant place to live. My intension is to combine Merced into my project and help Merced, my college town, to spread its name to the world–in a positive fashion. In this trip of visiting china, I want to go in the name of Merced, representing Merced in this trip makes me more official and helps other people to take me seriously. In return, Merced can make this an excellent topic of national news to show the nation we are not dead, Merced is involved in helping the other side of earth. Meanwhile I need the city of Merced to help me get some donations as the gifts to the orphans– such as almonds which china doesn’t have and playing cards that has the image of Merced printed on them and maybe potentially Some money to help the orphans–if I can.
city council
city council
city council
city council

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