johnli John Li (USA) - Founder/ Chief Executive/ Performing Magician/ Web Manage/ Promotion/




katherine Li Katherine Li (CHINA) - Planning and Assessment

guichen lv Qian Ye (CHINA)- Katherine Li's assistant

Hyaline LiuHyaline Liu (CHINA)- Chief Communications Officer

xingchi li Xingchi Li (CANADA) - Performing Magician

Yaxian Gu Gill Gu (CHINA) - Public Relations

Yaxian Gu Sheldon Xia (CHINA) - Foundation Assistant

Meicuo Ru Meicuo Ru (CHINA) - Living Assistant

Jing Huang Jing Huang (CHINA) - Image Ambassador

Jianan Wnag Jianan Wang (CHICAGO) - Part-time financial manager

Da YanXiaoYan Yan (CHINA) - Future member in training

shi Yan Yan Shi (CHINA) - Future member in training


We are still recuiting volunteers! Anyone with any will to join this project please email us your info:

1, Name

2, Email

3, Any other information you would like to provide (e.g. speciality, scheduling, donations, etc)