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The first stage of the project involves me leading a group of other amateur magicians in addition to a director/cameraman to Wenchuan in China, which suffered from the 2008 great earthquake, which caused 69 thousand deaths and left thousands of orphans. Because of the *********** **********, the inferior buildings that collapsed during the earthquake buried many people inside, especially students. When the rescue team dug open ruins, they saw a dead young mother holding her baby crouched under the ruins. Her shirt was open, and her breast was nursing the baby. The baby was still alive, with the life that her mother passed on to her. How is the baby now? I want to be there to give him or her hope. Many students became handicapped in this earthquake, and many children lost one or both of their parents. It has been a while since the earthquake happened, and those children are fading out of people's memory. My magic cannot fix the corruption of the government or resurrect the buildings, but I can start this magical project as soon as possible to let them know that they are not forgotten by the world. There are too many things in the world I want to change; this is the one I can.

This project mainly focuses on me leading a group of volunteers to several orphanages for about 3 weeks. Meanwhile, I and other magicians will perform magic shows to them; entertain them with miracles letting them know miracles can happen. For the second half of the visit, we will gradually teach them some easy magic tricks and teach them that although miracles can happen, it requires effort to make it happen. This will also leave them some entertainment to show each other after we leave. This may also spark their interest. By the time they grow up, they may be able to continue magic4hope project.



All progress will have been documented by the cameraman. After we leave, the director will edit the video clips and make a formal documentary. Then we are going to set up our own website magic4hope.org; together with YouTube and a Facebook page, we will make this documentary more visible to the public. By this means we will generate public awareness of such orphans and let the public know the power of magic to restore their laughter and hope. We are also going to sell the documentary DVD's through magic4hope.org to people who are willing to make donations, people who care about orphans, and people who like to watch magic. The profit made by those DVD's along with other donations will go to the orphans and the magic4hope foundation to make further events like this possible and to restore more laughter and hope.



Stage III is the repetition of Stage I. Through magic4hope.org, we also will recruit volunteer magicians worldwide to visit more orphans like this. Once this project becomes more famous, I will also try to invite world famous magicians to join our organization and with enough funding, we will repeat Stage I and visit more orphans.



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